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Hello! I hope you like my photography site. It is a little view of the world as I see it.

I moved to the North Shore of Massachusetts in the fall of 1986   (yes, I remember game 6). Emma and Susannah are our fabulous daughters.

My family has been endlessly supportive of my photography hobby, even when the credit card bill shows up with odd charges from Adorama.com.  Polaroid brought me to the Boston area in 1986 to work on 'Electronic Still Cameras', or what we now know as digital cameras.  It has been a great joy to see the technology advance as it has during the past 30 years- the holy grail at Polaroid was a full frame digital camera such as Canon offered with the original EOS 5D, though the marketing people were convinced it had to be a mere tool to sell more lousy Polaroid film.  We know how that worked out!

If you have the time the galleries are best seen in the slideshow format. Please feel free to leave comments or you can contact me by email at chris@cneedham.com

I was recently honored to be accepted to the Rockport Artist's Association, and have also been a member of the Newburyport Arts Association since 2012

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